Why Friendship With Noella is Unlikely

    Heather Dubrow didn’t hit it off with Noella Bergener on The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16. And according to the mother of four, a potential friendship with her co-star will likely never happen.

    As she discussed Noella, who met with all sorts of professionals, including “a teacher of conscious relationships,” “shamans, psychics, tarot readings,” and “a spiritual healer,” in hopes of better coping with her issues, Heather described her castmate as unpredictable before accusing her of having multiple personalities.

    “It’s like people who buy a diet book and think they’ll lose weight. You can’t just show up, you have to do the work. You can’t just read about, hear about it, sign up for a course and do all that stuff, you have to do the work,” Heather stated on Heather Dubrow’s World, via Heavy.

    Although Noella has taken the initiative to better handle her life stressors, including the passing of her father and her split from James Bergener, Heather feels she’s unpredictable and acts differently based upon who she’s with.

    “Every time I watch the show or I’ve interacted with her, I just never know who’s showing up,” Heather admitted. “She is whoever she needs to be in that moment with whomever she’s with. But the problem is to try to be friends with someone like that is almost not possible because you never really know who they are, because they don’t even know who they are.”

    After co-host Jefferson then suspected that Noella created “a palpable personality” to be “perfect” for her late father, Christopher Nance, saying that she’s had to build a persona “that can’t really grow,” Heather agreed that Noella is “a chameleon.”

    And while Heather felt “so horrible” about everything Noella’s been faced with amid RHOC season 16, she noted that her personal hardships were no excuse to act out against others.

    “It still never allows you to treat other people poorly. Like it’s not an excuse. But it’s very hard, again it’s really hard to assimilate those two worlds,”  she shared.

    As RHOC fans will recall, Heather and Noella butted heads for weeks over an inappropriate card game Noella gifted Heather’s then-17-year-old daughter Max, who is bisexual just as Noella is. And despite the fact that Noella insisted she didn’t know about the sexually explicit content involved, she and Heather were never able to get to a better place.

    The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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