Virginia Woman Retrieves $110,000 Winning Lottery Ticket After It Was Dumped In Trash

    Virginia woman didn’t realize that she dumped a $110,000 winning lottery in the trash.

    In February, Mary Elliot matched all five winning numbers in the Virginia Lottery’s Cash 5 with EZ Match game, Fox 29 reports. But the ticket ended up getting tossed out with the rest of the trash.

    “When I saw I’d won, I couldn’t stop shaking to save my life!” she said on Tuesday via a CNN statement. Elliot, a resident of Buckingham County, found out she’d won on February 24.

    Elliot successfully found the ticket after digging through the trash. However, the ticket’s barcode was covered in coffee stains. But it all worked out after officials confirmed her win by verifying that Elliot had all the matching numbers in the lottery drawing.

    The odds of winning by matching all five numbers is 1 in 749,398 chances Virginia Lottery said, CNN reports.

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