VH1 Moving To Axe Casey Anthony From ‘My Dream Wedding’ Episode!

    My Celebrity Dream Wedding is grappling with a potential public relations firestorm. Producers are reportedly debating the idea of cutting out a controversial guest invited to one of the show’s filmed wedding bashes.

    Radar Online reports that Casey Anthony, the Florida woman who was accused of murdering her beautiful two-year-old daughter, Caylee, was invited to one of their featured events. The high-profile court case ended in Anthony’s acquittal, in 2011. 

    Anthony was filmed posing for pics and partying at the January wedding of prominent publicist, Chanel Hudson-O’Connor, and the images have already made the rounds on social media. Viewers are now wondering how VH1 will handle mixing Anthony’s presence with matrimonial TV drama. 

    “People were like gawking over Casey being there, which was interesting, but for the most part, people were kind (to her),” a source told the outlet.

    “VH1 actually didn’t want Casey to appear on the show and they ask Chanel not to invite her, but she (Chanel) told them to ‘F-off’ that’s not happening,” the TV insider said. “So, I think for the show they may blur her face just because the sponsors may not like it. But Chanel insisted she is at the wedding because Casey is her friend — and her client.”

    “No one knows what they (producers) plan to do,” the source said. “Casey will probably be there in the footage – I’m pretty sure there is going to be a video of her dancing with Chanel on the dance floor.”

    The episode, which will feature Chanel and her groom, Novian O’Connor, will mark the first time a black transgender woman gets married on national television. 

    Anthony was snapped wearing an off-the-shoulder dress alongside the blushing bride, who wore a jeweled tiara and white satin gown for her January nuptials. Chanel is Anthony’s longtime agent and the CEO of PRMentality Network, a business based in Atlanta. 

    Anthony was rejected by her family and has been living under the radar since being found not guilty of the murder of her child. 

    Casey kind of has a f— off attitude when it comes to people and their judgments,” the source tells Radar. “She handled herself well – I will say that.”

    Casey Anthony knows who she is and she’s cognizant of people that she loves and the people that are around her. She will duck off (leave) if she needs to. The wedding was a blast, people were in awe (of Casey) but people were like ‘Oh my God she is so much fun.’”

    Chanel reportedly had to step in and handle other guests, who were shocked by Anthony’s presence at the televised celebration. 

    “Why are you panicking. You are acting like she’s coming here to kill ya’ll,” the source revealed Chanel said.

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