Two Men Charged In Conspiracy to Kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer; Hung Jury On Other 2

    A jury has decided on the fates of four men who stood trial for charges of conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

    Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta were both acquitted, and the other two men involved—Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr.—saw a hung jury, ABC News reported.

    Their case was heard in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as a result of their crime that took place in 2020 when the four men were accused of scheming to abduct the Democrat governor from her vacation home.

    The men faced ten charges total, which included kidnapping conspiracy, and conspiracy to use explosives, crimes that both come with life sentences, Complex reported.

    The men mapped out their plan following Whitmer’s COVID-19 guidelines that she enforced at the pandemic’s outset.

    While prosecutors claimed that the men were members of a far-right group and that Fox was their leader, the defense attorneys described their clients as “credulous weekend warriors prone to big, wild talk, who were often stoned,” ABC added.

    The defense also claimed that undercover FBI agents and informants deceived the men into saying it was a conspiracy.

    However, prosecutors argued back with evidence of the men’s plot before the FBI rounded them up. Apparently, the group of men had researched Whitmer’s summer home and figured out what explosives to use.

    In August, 25-year-old airline mechanic Ty Garbin was given a sentence of 75 months in prison for his role in the plot. He was the first defendant sentenced and the only one who pleaded guilty in the case.

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