‘Traumatized’ Fans Sound Off About Resurfaced Images Of Kody Brown In Tiny Speedo!

    Fans were shocked when a clip of Kody Brown wearing a Speedo recently resurfaced online. The Sister Wives patriarch has been under fire in recent months, so when still shots from an old episode were shared on Reddit, fans were quick to rip into the cringe-worthy images.  

    Kody stomps from the shore into a body of water wearing only a teeny tiny black Speedo, in the footage. Fans did not appreciate the view from Kody’s backside and dissed the closed caption which read—”It’s just getting better and better.”

    The Reddit thread, which was captioned “Funny I had the exact opposite feeling about this episode..,” soon lit up with opinions.  

    Kody Brown

    Kody speaking in a confessional spot from the episode was also shared. 

    “Listen, you can’t unsee what you’re about to see,” Kody said per the closed captions. 

    Kody appeared overjoyed—but Reddit users were not impressed by the TLC dad’s remarks. 

    One user wrote—“Seeing Kody in his little underwear was traumatizing.”

    Kody Brown

    Another commented—“Imagine how traumatizing it was for his kids who did not have the benefit of any blurring.”

    “What a terrible day to be the camera person,” a commenter noted. 

    “What a terrible day to have eyes,” another snarked.

    Robyn Brown

    Kody isn’t the only Sister Wives personality to get roasted on social media in recent days.  

    Kody’s only legal wife, Robyn Brown, became a subject of online ridicule after a TikTok user reposted a Sister Wives scene featuring home film footage of the TLC mom busting a move. 

    A commenter joked—“Robyn knowing she has Kody 24/7, vibing out while the nanny takes care of her kids.”  

    Fans have slammed Robyn for hiring a nanny to help out with her children while the other wives have raised their kids with no hired help.

    Kody Brown

    Fans reacted to the posted clip of Robyn, who rocked a white cap and a polo shirt as she showed off her awkward dance moves.

    “This gets weirder every time I see it,” one said.

    “You know she practiced this in front of the mirror,” another wrote.

    “This is so awful. Its awkward, unappealing, and unattractive,” a user chimed in.

    Christine Brown

    Christine Brown took Kody to task over the duo’s nanny during an episode that aired in December 2021. She wondered why Robyn’s nanny was allowed in their home amid Kody’s strict Covid rules, while their shared children were shut out.

    “You have a nanny over. She’s over all the time,” Christine told Kody. “I don’t understand why Ysabel can’t come over and hang out. She’s devastated.”

    Sister Wives

    Viewers know that Christine announced her split from Kody in November. She has since landed a TLC cooking web series. 

    Robyn shared that she was “frustrated and angry and devastated by Christine’s choice..” during the finale Tell All special.


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