This $20 TikTok-Viral Accessory Turns Bathrooms Into A ‘New Space’

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    If you live in a home with multiple roommates or family members, then you know what it’s like to share a bathroom. It requires a huge amount of patience when your roomies’ skincare collection takes up a little too much counter space, or maybe you don’t even have any counter space, making storage even trickier. 

    One way to declutter your bathroom vanity is by using space-saving hacks like a TikTok-viral Toothbrush Holder that mounts to your wall. It does more than just hang your toothbrushes, though. This handy game-changer also dispenses toothpaste, prevents waste and holds mouthwash cups. You’ll have all of your oral care in one easy-to-reach place that doesn’t occupy any of your precious counter space. 


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    In this TikTok from @spanglishfashion, you can see how easy it is to access the toothbrushes, dispense toothpaste and pull out the cups.

    “This thing is genius! I wish I had purchased this sooner!” wrote one shopper who gave the product a five-star rating. “I have cleared so much of my counter now, it’s like a whole new space!”

    This toothbrush holder is for all you small apartment people who can’t even fit a toothbrush cup on the edge of your sink. So grab your holder, mount it to the wall and brush those pearly whites.

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    Photo: Wekity.

    Though this genius storage accessory might look like a lot, there’s actually so much functionality behind its design. First, the set comes with four cups. The two bigger ones go on the top and you can fill the cups with mouthwash to gargle or water to rinse. The two smaller cups are magnetic and hang upside down at the bottom of the base, making air drying them super easy. Additionally, there’s a cover for the five toothbrush slots so that they stay protected from other products and germs.

    It’s easy to install and clean the toothbrush holder, as well. All you have to do is stick the base to a wall sticker, similar to how you would with Command strips. To wash, just detach it from the wall and rinse.

    “I usually find that products like this won’t actually stick to the wall or the toothpaste won’t actually come out, but this really works! So happy to have the toothbrush and toothpaste off the sink counter,” wrote one five-star reviewer. 

    You also get more use out of your toothpaste, since this storage solution squeezes every drop of toothpaste out of the tube. No more using all your might to force out the last dot or wasting a bunch of product.

    “This is a lifesaver. No more junked up toothpaste tubes and toothpaste mess on the counter!” wrote another shopper. “Comes out perfect every time. And such a great fit for a tiny bathroom with zero counter space.”

    Wekity’s Toothbrush Holder comes at the perfect time, since you’ve probably been contemplating how to start the overwhelming process of spring cleaning. But with this space-saving toothbrush holder, now’s a better time than ever to get tidying!

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