Teresa Giudice Goes BALLISTIC On Margaret Josephs — Fans Sound Off!

    Teresa Giudice went off on Margaret Josephs on Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey — and fans had plenty to say about the drama as it exploded. 

    A feud has been brewing between Teresa and Margaret since the season’s first episode. Margaret told Teresa that she and boyfriend, Louie Ruelas, needed to address what occurred in a bizarre beach video Louie posted ahead of filming season. The cast discussed various rumors about Louie throughout the season, including claims of spousal abuse. Louie denied the allegations but Teresa grew increasingly impatient over the chatter about her future fiancé.  

    During a cast trip to Nashville, tensions boiled over after the ladies downed a round of shots. 

    “How would I have information on Louie and his life?” Margaret asked. “Why would I talk to people in his past?” 

    “If it wasn’t for you, the rumor wouldn’t be out,”  Teresa shouted across the table. “You’re the one who put it out there.”

    Teresa Giudice

    Margaret called Teresa a “sick, disgusting liar,” which prompted Teresa to shove plates, silverware and glasses, soaking her co-star as she fired off  more nasty names. 

    “Luckily you’re still not on parole!” Margaret snapped back. 

    “Get that white trash disgusting (blank) out of my face,” Teresa said.

    Teresa Giudice

    Viewers took to Twitter to react to the spectacle, as the episode unfolded. 

    Some fans tweeted that Margaret had it coming, citing past behaviors.  

    One viewer wrote—“I’m sorry but marge is full of it. I just can’t do the victim stuff with her. She is the one coming for Teresa & questioning her biz. Let’s not forget this is the same way Margaret started w/ Danielle & siggy, then played victim.”

    Teresa Giudice

    Another fan said—“Did everyone forget a few seasons ago when Margaret didn’t “compose” herself when she threw drinks at Danielle? I don’t understand how they can just say Teresa is acting out when she’s done the same thing. This show has too many double standards”

    A third noted—“Dolores is 100% correct in what she said to Margaret after this fight. Think whatever you want but stop bringing it up in the group to Teresa, under the guise of “concern for her.” She doesn’t want or need you to look out for her. How does she not understand that?” 

    Teresa Giudice

    Other fans called out Teresa for stepping out of line and behaving badly. 

    One viewer wrote—“Teresa is so unbelievably stupid that she literally cannot see that she’s the one that acted like white trash, not Margaret. Teresa has a brain the size of a pea.”

    Another fan tweeted—“No, Teresa, Margaret didn’t ‘start’ it. And Delores, you are such a wimp. Stand up for once in your life against who you KNOW was wrong.  Teresa makes for great tv, but she’s out of control.”

    One person said—“Margaret needs to have Teresa arrested for assault. And #bravotv needs to quit enabling violence. It’s not cute or funny, it’s disgusting”

    Another pointed out—“Teresa went upstairs to get physical and hit Margaret for Luis’ ex having a questionable past. Teresa will always hate Margaret. Margaret is not scared of her and stupidity” 

    The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo. 

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