Swedish Fighting in Ukraine May Return as a Threat: Sweden police

    Members of radical right-wing groups among Sweden’s volunteers to Ukraine, according to the Swedish Security Police, may return home with a substantially lower threshold for violence.

    Following the start of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, a large number of Swedes with ties to right-wing pro-violence organizations traveled to Ukraine to support the country’s cause. They may constitute a threat when they return home, according to Säpo, the Nordic country’s Security Police.

    According to Swedish Radio, there are currently 678 Swedish volunteers fighting in Ukraine.

    Only individuals with military expertise or professional talents to be used militarily, such as doctors and engineers, are being sought out, according to Philip Brännvall, a 47-year-old Lidingö native who formally organized the Swedish volunteer army.

    However, according to Säpo, which claims to have a thorough understanding of how many Swedes are fighting and how many of them have ties to violent extremism, some of the recruits may return home even more dangerous.

    “You come home traumatised, with the violence threshold being significantly lower than before, so this is mainly why we follow this”, said Fredrik Hallström unit manager at Säpo.

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