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    Chatham county has a certain charm to it that is displayed through its people. As prices rise more and more of Chatham County flows into local thrift stores full of useful items. In today’s world, it is no joke that necessities and other items cost quite a lot more. There is an epidemic of inflation. Society appears to be at a standstill. News reports depict an uncertain and gloomy scenario. One has only to look around the Chatham County area to see how much support Chathamites give to one another. Since last year or so, I’ve become accustomed to attending garage and yard sales around Chatham. It started off as a fun experience to look for shelving and other home improvement items, but it turned into a weekly ritual. Yar​​d sales and thrift stores are now a part of my life. Why would I pay double or triple for an item that will break before I can install it?

    Siler City Thrift Store
    Local thrift store ebenezer’s attic.

    Most people would rather attend a local yard sale and support their fellow Chathamites. I’ve started shopping at secondhand stores and thrift stores. Local thrift stores in Siler City and Chatham County tend to act as quasi-all-in-one stores. There is a consignment store in Siler City with booths where locals can sell their wares. Strolling through the thrift store, one sees a variety of items. One can find everything from grandma’s hand-me-downs to fertilizer for your garden or farm. Some of the most prominent Siler City thrift stores include but are not limited to the following: “As We Grow… Children’s and Family Consignment”, “Ebenezer’s Attic”, “Chatham PTA Thrift Shop”. Pick any day of the week during open hours and witness for yourself the charm of local Chatham County thrift stores that care and care deeply.  Many of the thrift stores have amazing items that anyone would be hard-pressed to find locally.

    Chatham PTA Thrift Shop
    Chatham PTA Thrift Shop

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