RHOC Kelly Leaks Emily’s Texts to Show She Lied Over Heather

    Kelly Dodd took to her podcast, Rick & Kelly Unmasked, which she hosts with husband Rick Leventhal, on Thursday, where she shared her thoughts on the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

    After labeling Emily Simpson as a liar and telling her Twitter audience she knew about Heather allegedly getting physical with someone amid production on season 16, Kelly leaked text messages sent to her by Emily about the supposed incident.

    “EXCLUSIVE: See all the texts that prove my point on why Emily & Heather are liars and why the ratings are so bad… NOW on this week’s [RHOC] Recap on our ‘Rick & Kelly Unmasked’ YouTube channel! At least [Tamra Judge, Vicki Gunvalson,] and I all left on top !” Kelly wrote in the caption of an Instagram post on March 31.

    On the March 31 episode of her and Rick’s podcast, via YouTube, Kelly suggested Emily “screwed up” by allegedly failing to be honest about what she knew of Heather’s supposed assault on crew member Thomas Kelly.

    “She is a liar. If Emily would have just said exactly how she felt instead of going on the wrong side, the dark side, which is Heather Dubrow, she would have made the show so much better. Emily screwed up. She thought all her eggs were in the basket for Heather. Bravo made the return of Heather so big that these girls got scared. That’s the truth. And Emily is one of these girls that want to be in the cool-girl group and she will do anything — and lie.”

    “This is why this season is failing,” Kelly added.

    She then shared a message Emily sent her, which read, “She flipped out on them and started screaming at them and tried to shut down the cameras … she was yelling ‘Cameras down!’”

    “I was like WTF,” Emily added in another message. “Are we allowed to do that?”

    RHOC Emily Simpson Leaked Text Message About Alleged Heather Dubrow Assault

    In a third text, after Kelly suggested she bring up the matter on-camera, Emily said Heather “acts like “she’s on a [sitcom].”

    RHOC Emily Simpson Claims Heather Dubrow thinks She's on a Sitcom

    Emily also said she was “surprised they wanted to deal with all that again” after Kelly suggested that Heather’s diva behavior was the reason she was demoted on RHOC years ago.

    Emily Simpson is Surprised Heather Dubrow Was Brought Back to RHOC

    In a final screenshot, after Kelly said Heather talks down to everyone and suggested production expose her elitist behavior, Emily said Heather would likely sue if that were ever to be the case.

    “They’d probably get sued,” Emily wrote.

    Emily Simpson Thinks Heater Would Sue If Elitist Behavior Was Exposed on RHOC

    “Emily did not say her truth in that dinner. She lied and said she didn’t know anything about it,” Kelly concluded. “If Emily” would’ve been truthful and said, ‘She did do that,’ instead of kissing Heather’s butt, it would have been a completely different show. It would have been a better show. It would’ve been a truthful show.”

    Meanwhile, in the comments section of her Instagram post, Kelly explained what the leaked texts indicate.

    “Big deal. We saw Heather say to shut the camera down. Noella is talking about her putting hands on people. And for the [record] I can’t stand Heather. But I don’t see what this proves,” one commenter noted.

    “It proves that Emily had disdain for Heather and her behavior,” Kelly replied. “Emily knew it was obnoxious and out of line and not ok but wouldn’t admit it and pretended she knew nothing when she gets confronted by [Noella] and lies about it!”

    RHOC Kelly Dodd Claims Emily Had Disdain for Heather Dubrow

    Kelly also responded to a commenter who said Heather “looks old.”

    “She looks old because she’s too skinny,,” Kelly explained.

    RHOC Kelly Dodd Says Heather Dubrow Looks Old Because She's Too Skinny

    The Real Housewives of Orange County season 16 airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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