Sky Is The Limit (B.I.G)


    It been a long 25 years since Brooklyn NY Rapper Notorious B.I.G was murder coming from an outing in Los Angeles California. 25 years later there is still no has been have justice served to the family.

    The Brooklyn MC was born Christopher Wallace was leaving Peterson Automotive Museum on March 9, 1997. An unknown car of people pulled up along aside of him and begin to fire shots inside of the SUV.

    Biggie Smalls was rushed to Cedars-Sinal Hospital where he was pronounced dead due to the numerus shot wounds. Christopher was only at the start of his career. He was on 24 years old.

    Biggies Smalls songs includes but not limited to “Dead Wrong, Hypnotize and Mo Money Mo Problems” These songs are still in constant rotation in clubs, bars and radio today.

    To this day many people think the music industry played a big role in his death as well as people in his inner circle, Gang members and even as far as the police dept having a cover up. After all these years and all these allegations, not one person has been brought to justice which is still sad.

    Some police officers have come forward and said that the case has been solved but its under some sort of seal of who planed out this cruel, life taking attack. When a representative reached out to have a conversation with the Los Angeles Police Dept, the response that was giving is that, “the case it still open.” Which is sad because that is the typical response they give someone who kid Tricycle was stolen.

    Think about. Were talking about a life here. Will his kids, mom and family ever receive justice? Only time will tell.

    What is your thoughts? Lets here it below.

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