Mental Health Treatment in America

    In America, a mental health treatment shortage might not be obvious at first glance, but it certainly is. Given the entire history of humanity, our understanding and treatment of mental health have been relatively recent. Self-medication was the primary treatment for mental illness half a century ago. It was commonplace for certain work environments to encourage daily alcohol consumption as a “great way to deal with stress”.

    There was no mention of coping skills, going to see a therapist, or consulting a psychiatrist mainly because the public saw these treatments in a negative light. In general, the public consensus was that mental illness was caused by the devil or the sufferers in some way, shape, or form. Many of the mental health survivors became more depressed because of this public misconception.

    In today’s world, we can clearly see there is an even greater focus on treating mental health issues. It is now possible to receive treatment and therapy via an app while on a lunch break. A worldwide pandemic is keeping you from getting to work? You can meet with your provider virtually by using Zoom or another video conference platform. As time goes on, the landscape will continue to change and adapt more towards the virtual world, but this shift in the treatment paradigm is not without its own risks. Many treatment professionals are noticing and reporting negatives due to the lack of person-to-person communication. Ultimately the future is bright for mental health treatment in America. With the right tools, we will succeed.

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