Masvidal vs. Covington: Friend to Foe


    Saturday May 5th the wait is over for UFC fans across the globe, a highly anticipated matchup between two rivaled fighters Jorge Masvidal (35-15) and Colby Covington (16-3).

    Most UFC fights are business, these men step in the octagon to  get

    paid to showplace their skills and talents and try to be the last man standing, normally you can expect a handshake or a conversation after each fight to show respect for one another. This fight will be far from that, Saturday night you will see a fight between two men who really want to hurt each other and will show no remorse.

    The most interesting part of this match up is Masvidal and Covington used to be very close friends who in fact lived together at one point when they were trying to make it up the ranks in the fighting world. After years of training together things went downhill fast according to Masvidal when Covington stiffed his trainer $12,500 after a big fight, this ultimately lead to Covington being kicked out of the American Top Team MMA Academy and was the first of many allegations that have been thrown around by both fighters. Covington denies these claims made by Masvidal and in return threw out some allegations of his own about Masvidal but on a more personal level.

    Both of the fighters were on ESPN to be interviewed by Stephen A. Smith and Covington stated that Masvidal was a “dead beat dad” and also went on to say he was a criminal and a liar. At this point it turned into a screaming match between the two and ended with lots of insults and promised knockouts. Masvidal responded to a reporter on Wednesday at UFC 272 media day saying “He would never dare (to shake my hand” also adding “He wouldn’t get close to me in any circumference or anything like that. He wouldn’t put himself at a chance where I can end his ass again, especially because he’s talked about my kids.” It seems like we’ve reached the point of no return in this bout, fans will be glued to their seats Saturday night to see who comes out on top.

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