Martha Stewart buries pet cat after four of her dogs attack, kill it – National

    Martha Stewart shared last evening that four of her dogs attacked and killed her cat, Princess Peony.

    “Burying the beautiful and unusual Princess Peony,” Stewart wrote on her Instagram page. “the four dogs mistook her for an interloper and killed her defenseless little self. i will miss her very badly. RIP beauty.”

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    The caption was accompanied by a photo of three workers digging a small grave.

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    Actor Ellen Pompeo and business mogul Kris Jenner expressed their condolences in comments underneath the post.

    Stewart closely followed her initial post about the death with a photo of her lost pet.

    “This was the Princess Peony,” she captioned it.

    According to Stewart’s website, Princess Peony is a dominant calico Persian cat.

    Princess Peony and her twin sister Empress Tang were born on May 11, 2009 — meaning the cat was just shy of its 13th birthday when it was killed.

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    Stewart’s website hosts a gallery of photos of her pets for fans to peruse. There are 32 entries in the gallery, consisting of photos of her many dogs, cats, pigeons, horses, peacocks, geese and more.

    It’s unclear which dogs mauled Princess Peony, but Stewart, 80, largely owns Chow Chows, as well as some French bulldogs.

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