MAI-listed companies record 13% increase in sales and 30% surge in net profit in 2021

    Market for Alternative Investment or mai-listed companies reported total sales for 2021 at THB 171.24 billion (approx. USD 5.13 billion), up 13.3 percent from the previous year. Their operating profit rose 38.9 percent to THB 10.76 billion, and net profit (excluding extraordinary items) soared 29.8 percent to THB 3.50 billion.

    -Total sales up 13.3% to THB 171.24 billion
    -Net profit, excluding extraordinary items, up 30% to THB 3.50 billion
    -Best performing industry groups: Services, Consumer Products, and Industrials

    mai President Prapan Charoenprawatt said that 176 out of 184 mai-listed
    companies (excluding those in the non-compliance or NC group, and those with
    different accounting periods), making up 96 percent, submitted their yearly
    operating results ending December 31, 2021. A total of 128 companies, or 73
    percent of the total listed companies submitted the financial statements,
    reported net profit.

    mai-listed companies’ costs rose at a faster pace than total sales, resulting in
    a slight decrease in the gross profit margin to 22.8 percent in 2021 Their
    costs rose 14.5 percent to THB 132.26 billion in 2021. Moreover, their operating
    profit margin in 2021 increased to 6.3 percent due to the higher operating profit.

    mai-listed companies’ 2021 net profit jumped 273.6 percent to THB 8.44
    billion while net profit margin (excluding extraordinary items) rose to 2 percent.

    “In 2021, listed companies continued to feel the impact of COVID-19 pandemic.
    However, the overall economic activities improved as the government’s COVID-19
    curbs were more relaxed than 2020. Moreover, many listed companies better
    managed their costs and expenses continuously from 2020, resulting in the higher
    growth in sales and profit than the same period a year before. The top three
    Industry groups with the highest net profit in descending order were Services,
    Consumer Products, and Industrials,” added Prapan.

    In 2021, mai-listed companies had a combined asset of THB 282.77 billion, up
    10.3 percent from end-2020, and the overall capital structure remained solid
    with debt-to-equity (D/E) ratio of 1.02 times, a decrease from 1.10 times at end-2020.

    As of March 10, 2022, there were 184 mai-listed companies, mai Index closed at
    612.37 points, with a total market capitalization of THB 500.51 billion and the
    average daily trading value of THB 7.06 billion.

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