Healthcare providers can now avail of a one stop shop for genomic testing.

This is thanks to TestRamp, who has launched a genomic testing marketplace on the back of its marketplace for lab-based Covid-19 PCR tests.

Healthcare providers will be able to avail of commercial labs, who provided testing services throughout the pandemic, to do genomic testing for other diseases. This will help with the detection of the likes of cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Mike Hudson, CEO of TestRamp, discussed their motivation for this project.

He said “We want to put our experience of working with the UK’s top genomic laboratories to good use post-pandemic. Covid testing grew the capacity and expertise of PCR and genomic sequencing labs – now they are well placed to offer molecular testing for other serious diseases.”

It is hoped that by harnessing the potential of these labs, more people will get faster and cheaper access to genomic testing, both in traditional healthcare settings, and using ‘at home’ testing kits

Mr Hudson added: “We’re creating a marketplace so that healthcare providers can see which labs offer particular genomic tests, how much they cost and how quickly they are deliverable”

“We’ll also be helping labs to co-operate with each other, including to manage supply and demand”.

TestRamp generated £2.4 million for charities during the pandemic. Recipients included Alzheimer’s Society, ZSL and Pilgrims Hospices.