KYLIE JENNER says she hasn’t changed her son’s name on documents yet

    The heir of the rapper and reality TV star still goes by the name Wolf

    In early February 2022, Kylie Jenner became a mother for the second time. The model gave birth to a son from her lover Travis Scott . Of course, she shared the good news on her page on social networks, and soon she announced the unusual name of the baby – Wolf. True, a month and a half after the baby was born, the parents decided to name it differently.

    “For your information, our son is no longer named Wolf. We just felt that the name didn’t suit him. I consider it important to share this news because everywhere I see the word “Wolf,” Kylie then responded. You will be surprised, but two months after the baby was born, he still does not have a name.

    The other day, Jenner gave an interview to USA Today reporters and talked about how she and Scott still can’t choose a name. At the same time, the boy is still recorded as Wolf on the birth certificate. “We had to quickly sign a birth certificate, but even then, I knew that we would give a different name to the baby,” admitted Kylie.

    Jenner stressed that she did not disclose the name of her son to the public because she still could not come up with it. “Officially, we still haven’t changed his name. We are in the process. It seems to be wrong to share something like this since we haven’t come up with anything yet,” summed up the reality star.

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