Kristen Picot is Transforming Siler City

    A formidable force has hit Siler City, much like a hurricane, Kristen Picot, is bent on destruction. Tasked with the demolition of the poverty gap that has plagued the largest city within Chatham, but remains the poorest. 

    Kristen Picot, who is a Senior Vice President for The Courtney Jordan Foundation (in USA known as CJGRPINC Foundation, Inc.) in that role she is the Executive Director of StartUP Siler, (located Downtown Siler City). 

    She is on a mission to build a bigger table in the world of business, investing in seed- and early-stage companies, providing outside resources, incubating, and focusing primarily on those founded and led by women of color and folks from underresoucred groups. 

    Kristen Picot was also voted in to be the Chairwoman of a super pac designed to insure the little guy doesn’t go unnoticed. “Holding true to the mission of the Courtney Jordan Foundation; providing viable solutions to society’s most complex problems. My goal is to see an uplifting of the left behind, whether they be white, black, brown, or any other hue, male, female. It shouldn’t matter, opportunity should reach all. In my role of Chairwoman I will ensure that we support candidates who want to take up arms in the war on poverty and oppression”.

    Nick Gallardo, who is running for Mayor of Siler City said this of Picot, “ Kristen is one of the most accomplished and amazing women I know. Her dedication to this community is awe inspiring “”Right Now we are fighting for the Soul of Siler, with Chatham reaching national news, we see now more than ever why proper representation matters. In a community that is ripe with so many systemic issues, we need more effective leadership. People are hurting, they are suffering under the ineptitude of a government that only seems to care when it’s time to name a park after themselves or help out a buddy.”  “ So I am thrilled to have Kristen in this community, already she has made the biggest difference in the lives of the people of Siler”.

    Sam Williams, who is the Co-Founder of Clean Up Siler, and also a candidate for District 1 Commissioner in Siler City  also said of Kristen that having Kristen in Siler City was like a breath of fresh air, she is what the town needs, as we see an increase in development interest in Siler, we need now more than ever people who can help us protect the Citizens.

    Kristen in her role as head of US Special Programs for the foundation, has used her background in Math and Science to begin her efforts in setting up a STEM program that has real world applications. “When kids leave this program, they will not only walk out of our doors with knowledge but also opportunities to pursue high paying careers. 

    With torturous finesse Kristen has begun a crusade to empower the community and build safeguards to help those who fall on hard times from slipping through the cracks of a system that has not been overhauled in decades. 

    For more information on StartUP Siler or the STEM Program you can submit your request via email to

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