Kate Middleton ‘Breaks’ school tradition for kids’ ‘normal existence’

    KINGS AND QUEENS OF THE WORLD send their children to the best schools, whether nearby or abroad. Taking their kids to school “doesn’t seem like an option” right now, according to one expert.

    Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son and daughter, will return to school next week when Easter holidays end for English youngsters. The royals attend Thomas’ Prep School in Battersea, south-west London.

    A parenting expert explained to why some royal parents send their kids to boarding school while others don’t.

    Jumaimah Hussain also highlighted why she thinks the Cambridges would never follow convention and send their kids to school.

    For eight years, William and Harry attended boarding school at Ludrgove School, then Eton College.

    But their offspring may not suffer the same fate.
    Royal parents will want their children to have the greatest education possible, according to Jumaimah.

    “Sending their kids to boarding school keeps them out of the public glare and away from the paparazzi.”

    “William and Kate have a modern approach of parenting, and they are typically commended for their calm and regular parenting style,” Jumaimah stated.

    In order to provide their children the most regular existence possible, it is unlikely that Kate and William would contemplate sending them to residential school.

    Jumaimah said Kate and William’s parenting style suggests they don’t send their kids too far away for school.

    They spend meaningful time with their children, connecting in numerous ways, including simple family moments like playing outside, which would be impossible if they went away to school, she added.

    Maybe it’ll be a possibility when the kids are older.
    “Prince William and Prince Harry, as well as Prince Charles when he was younger, each went to boarding school at the age of eight,” said the parenting expert.

    In honour of Prince George’s eighth birthday, Prince William and Kate Middleton appear to be breaking convention once again by not sending him to boarding school.

    So George would only go to boarding school if he chose to and it would be a family decision, unlike previous generations.

    Princess Charlotte is six and Prince Louis is three.
    Royal children are sent to the top schools in the country.

    Some royals, like Queen Letizia and King Felipe VI of Spain, send their children to boarding schools abroad.

    Princess Leonor, their eldest daughter, is now studying for her IB at UWC Atlantic College in the Vale of Glamorgan, south Wales.

    UWC Atlantic College is a school that offers extracurricular activities like Tai Chi and rock climbing, as well as the chance to meet students from all over the world.

    Many aristocratic and royal families have sent their children to the school, which is housed in a 12th century mediaeval castle.

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