Kaavia James is trying to teach her parents how to pose. Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade’s daughter gave all the right angles during a recent trip to Target.

    The youngster was celebrating her parents’ brand, Proudly, which is now available in Target stores throughout the nation. It was not enough for Kaavia to hold the products and take in the amazing accomplishment of have her mom and dad’s brand in Target. The little one also had to strike a few poses to seal the moment.

    “I try to teach them how to serve but GWORL, they on the struggle bus,” a caption on Kaav’s Instagram page read. The statement was accompanied by a series of pictures in which Gabrielle and Dwyane attempted to keep up with their daughter’s cool vibes. They were ultimately unsuccessful. “Anyways, here I am @target signing @theproudlyco boxes and slipping gift cards in the diapers,” Kaav, also known as Shady Baby, shared. “Not new to this, true to this,” the youngster’s Instagram post read.

    Proudly was created with Kaavia James in mind. “From the moment our daughter Kaavia entered this world, we knew we’d teach her to embrace her skin—its beauty, power, wisdom, and magic,” Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union share on their company’s website. “And that means caring for it with love,” the celebrity couple adds. “Inspired by our littlest love—and millions of other babies of color—we set out to build PROUDLY: Baby care for melanated skin, created for us and by us.”

    Kaavia James has served as the perfect ambassador for her parents’ company. The youngster proudly showed off the baby wash along with other essentials needed for soft, healthy skin during her recent trip to Target.

    “I’m ’bout to go get my baby some diapers and wipes,” one fan said after seeing Kaav’s latest advertisement for the Proudly brand. “Such a cutie,” another social media follower noted.

    Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade parent four kids together. Kaavia James is the couple’s only child together.

    Photo: Kaavia James/Instagram

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