Jay-Z Claps Back at Faizon Love’s Claim That His Drug Dealing Past Was Fake

    Jay-Z took shots at Faizon Love nearly two years after the actor claimed that the billionaire mogul exaggerated stories of his drug-dealing past.

    On Pusha-T’s new song “Neck & Wrist,” Jay addressed the claim at the start of his verse.

    “The phase I’m on, love, I wouldn’t believe it either/I’d be like, ‘Jay-Z’s a cheater,’ I wouldn’t listen to reason either/All I know is he’s a felon, how is he selling.”

    The wordplay directly references several interviews that Love did where he blasted Jay-Z for being a “puppet,” claiming the hip-hop mogul embellished stories of his criminal past. 

    “I like Jay-Z,” Love said during Hip-Hop Uncensored podcast back in 2020. “I like him as a guy and the whole thing he created about this fake dope dealing. That’s when I stopped liking him. This n***a ain’t sold no cocaine in his life—I don’t think he’s ever won a fight,” he charged.

    Then in a subsequent interview with VladTV, Love doubled down on his Jay-Z slander, saying, “I criticize him for it because it’s kinda his fault,” the “Friday” star said. “Jay-Z creates this drug dealing drug lord, ‘I’ma drug dealer, I’ma drug lord.’ These kids are like, ‘We gotta do it, too.’ Not knowing that this is all made up sh*t.”

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