How to Get Free Stickers by Mail: 30+ Websites to Request Free Stickers Online

    Love stickers and wondering how to get free stickers by mail? Here is a master list of some of the fun stickers you can request! 

    Stickers aren’t just for kids—they’re a popular way to decorate and personalize items like laptops, instruments, luggage, athletic gear, phone cases, and water bottles.

    Of course, bumper stickers for cars are one common example, but be careful not to use regular stickers on your vehicle; the materials and adhesives should be specifically designed for car application.


    No matter what item you’re trying to decorate with stickers, you can do it for free thanks to these free sticker websites!


    30+ Companies That Send Free Stickers Online & By Mail


    Usually, you can get free stickers from brands who offer them as part of a promotional strategy. Thus, they will often feature the name or logo of the companies offering them, along with an attractive design. The list below features brands that offer free stickers by mail, what theme to expect, and instructions for submitting your free stickers request.

    With some of these sticker websites, you can simply fill out a free sticker request form. For others, you’ll need to shoot a message to customer service to ask. Note that your mileage may vary in case any of these companies stop offering free stickers. Either way, there’s no harm in contacting them to check!


    Adidas Free Stickers


    Tracksuit and sneaker aficionados can email Adidas customer service at [email protected] to request stickers, which are typically just a simple logo.


    Annie’s Free Stickers



    If you’re a fan of Annie’s organic snacks, you can represent with various stickers featuring their bunny logo and messages about organic food or recycling. Choose a free sticker and submit your order here.


    Backcountry Free Goat Stickers



    A regal goat is the logo of outdoor gear & apparel company Backcountry. You can request a sticker here, but don’t expect quick shipping—they only send them out quarterly. Once you’ve received it and chosen a home for the sticker, snap a picture and hashtag it #GoatWorthy



    Billabong Free Stickers


    This popular surf & beach apparel company makes it easy to get free stickers.


    Black Diamond Free Stickers


    This is another mostly ski-focused company. Sticker requests must be mailed, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

    Black Diamond Equipment
    Attn: Mail Order
    2084 East 3900 South
    Salt Lake City, UT 84124


    BMX Free Stickers



    Motocross enthusiasts have a couple options for free BMX stickers to jazz up their bikes.

    You can also check your local bike shop to see if they have any free stickers from brands they carry or promote.


    Chicmoto Free Stickers



    Most stickers are just decorative, but this one is practical. It’s a free “how to jump your car” sticker that you can actually stick inside the hood of your car to quickly remind you of all the steps. It’s heat-resistant so it won’t get melted by the heat from your engine.


    Cotopaxi Free Llama Stickers



    This llama doesn’t look very amused, but I’d definitely be amused looking at a llama face sticker on my gear. Request a free llama sticker from Cotopaxi here!



    Dakine Free Stickers


    Dakine specializes in travel gear and active apparel. In their FAQ, they say they’ll hook you up with a free sticker if you send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

    Attn: Sticker Request
    603 Portway Ave
    Hood River, OR 97031


    Dickies Free Stickers


    This company focuses on making durable workwear for those with active jobs. Dickies sends free stickers with every order, but if you’d like to request stickers on their own, you can send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

    Attn: Customer Experience
    509 W. Vickery Blvd.
    Ft. Worth, TX 76104


    Honeybee Gardens Free Stickers



    Each Monday, the natural beauty company Honeybee Gardens offers a limited amount of cute free stickers, first come first served. If you’d like to do some good while you place your order, you can add on a small donation to their animal care fund.

    Equality Free Stickers


    Show your support for equal rights for all when you request this free equality sticker from the Human Rights Campaign. 

    Ketanji Brown Jackson Free Stickers

    Celebrate the first African American woman on the supreme court and request your free Ketanji Brown Jackson sticker

    Nalgene Free Stickers


    People have had success contacting customer service under “General Questions” to ask for free Nalgene stickers. Your mileage may vary.


    North Face Free Stickers


    Outdoor clothing lovers have a lot of companies to choose from, including The North Face. You can first try contacting them to ask. Or, mail your sticker request along with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

    The North Face Attn: Stickers
    N850 County Highway CB
    Appleton, WI 54914


    Saloman Free Stickers


    There are two ways you can try requesting stickers from the popular sporting goods and shoe company Saloman. The first method is simpler—contact them by email at [email protected] to ask.

    Otherwise, you can send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

    Salomon North America
    Attn: Sticker Guru
    5055 N. Greeley Ave
    Portland, Oregon 97217

    Santee Cooper Sea Turtles Free Stickers


    Request your free Sea Turtles sticker to help support the sea turtles. 


    Simply Southern Free Stickers


    Simply Southern is a bright, preppy-style clothing brand. Easily request stickers with their form here.


    Southern Marsh Free Stickers



    You get to choose your own free Southern Marsh sticker when you submit their form here. The company specializes mostly in outerwear with a southern style.


    Sample Sticker Mule Stickers


    While Sticker Mule doesn’t have 100% free stickers, you can basically get some for the price of postage. The Sticker Mule sample pack comes with stickers, labels, and magnets, and only costs $1 including shipping.


    Sierra Club Free Stickers


    Complete this form to get a free Sierra Club sticker to celebrate Earth Day 2022. 


    Tillys Free Stickers


    Tillys sells shoes, clothing, and accessories from many brands, including Hurley, Free People, Converse, and many more. In the Tillys knowledge base, they say that they’ll send you free stickers if you mail a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

    Tillys-Customer Service
    17 Pasteur Irvine, CA 92618


    Vans Free Stickers


    Vans offers distinctive skate-culture shoes and apparel. As they outline in their FAQ, you can get free stickers from Vans by sending them a self-addressed stamped envelope.

    Vans, LLC.
    Attn: Stickers
    N850 County Highway CB
    Appleton, WI 54914


    Volcom Free Stickers


    Skate and snowboard company Volcom offers free stickers when you send them a self-addressed stamped envelope. The address here is for the US and Canada, but they have several international addresses for sticker requests too.

    1740 Monrovia Ave.
    Costa Mesa, CA 92627


    The Wall Sticker Company Free Stickers


    The Wall Sticker Company offers free sample stickers to show that their stickers do not damage walls. 


    Welcome to Portland Sticker


    Fill out the form here and you’ll receive a free Welcome to Portland sticker


    Youth Coalition for Organ Donation Free Stickers


    The Youth Coalition for Organ Donation offers a free sticker or acrylic pin when you complete their form. 


    Zumiez Free Stickers


    Zumiez is popular for its skater-style apparel and gear. You can get bright and colorful free Zumiez stickers by visiting a store in person or sending them a self-addressed stamped envelope.

    Zumiez, Inc.
    Free Stickers
    4001 204th Street SW
    Lynnwood, WA 98036


    Low-Cost Unbranded Sticker Options


    If you prefer unbranded stickers not associated with a particular company, there aren’t a ton of free options available. However, you can find a variety of very inexpensive options. If you buy a pack of them, you’ll have some to share or save for stocking stuffers!


    Requesting free Stickers by Mail


    While it can take a bit of time to request freebies, the results are worth it! Just submit requests for the stickers you requested, and then keep an eye on your mail box. 

    When requesting free stickers or other freebies by mail, be sure to allow plenty of time for delivery. It is not uncommon for 4-6 weeks, or more for items to arrive. Requesting sticker may add you to the company’s mailing list, so you may want to use a separate email account for your request if you do not regularly want emails from these companies. 

    Have a great place for free stickers by mail? Leave a comment below!

    Be sure to also check out where to get free books by mail as well!

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