Hailey Bieber’s Favorite $20 Brow Gel Is on Sale at Ulta

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    It’s safe to say that Hailey Bieber is our ultimate brow goals. We can only think of one word to describe her eyebrows, and it’s fluffy. They’re not too bushy and not too thin, and just like how everything else Hailey does is effortless, so are her brows. Shockingly, it’s not too hard to replicate her brow look. All she does is swipe on a $20 gel and voila, they’re runway and red-carpet-ready. What’s more, you can snag the gel for up to 20 percent off thanks to Sephora’s massive Spring Sale that’s happening right now.

    The secret to Mrs. Bieber’s perfectly brushed-up arches is Milk Makeup’s Kush Fiber Eyebrow Gel. What makes this formula stand out from the rest is its thickening fibers. Unlike other gels, it does more than just add color. This product adds fullness so you can get those easy, breezy, full brows that you see on all your fave models. And you can achieve them with this gel without that crunchy flakiness that you get with so many other similar products.


    Had to do this in 2 parts because I’m bad at Tik Tok. Here’s my fast lazy makeup routine and skin prep. And yes, rhode is coming soon🤍

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    In Hailey’s TikTok tutorial, you can see her brush through her brows with a spoolie and then apply a few swipes of the gel at the front of her brows, where they’re a little sparser. The results? Fuller, more defined eyebrows that still look so natural.

    “My all-time favorite brow gel. It fills in my brows while also holding the hairs in place,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “Sometimes I feel like switching it up because I’ve used this one for so long, but I always come back to this and it has been my staple product that I keep repurchasing.”

    Long-lasting, thick, conditioned brows that rival Hailey’s? Yes, please! Score this $20 eyebrow gel for up to 20 percent off during Sephora’s spring sale.

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    Photo: Milk Makeup.

    Shape and define your brows with Milk Makeup’s conditioning gel. It contains tinted heart-shaped fibers that attach to brow hairs in all directions, filling in sparse areas and making them look so much fuller. On top of improving the physical appearance of your eyebrows, hemp-derived cannabis seed oil conditions your hairs. But don’t worry about rock-hard, stiff brows that crunch or flake. 

    The tapered brush has dense, firm bristles that distribute the creamy formula evenly. The product is like a nourishing mask for your brows, according to the brand. 

    For more application pointers, be sure to follow your natural brow shape and focus on thinner areas. You can even use the tip of the brush to draw on lines that mimic your actual brow hairs. The more layers of gel, the fuller your eyebrows will look.

    “The fibers help make my brows look fuller without it looking too busy,” wrote one shopper who gave the product a five-star rating. “I get compliments on how good my brows look and it’s thanks to this brow gel. Plus, it holds throughout the day.”

    This gel is also vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free, following Milk Makeup’s mission to be a clean beauty brand that uses the best ingredients.

    “This is my favorite eyebrow product,” wrote another reviewer. “I use it every day, and it’s really changed my routine. It’s really simple and has the right color that lasts for the whole day.”

    It’s time to stop gushing over Hailey’s brows and start shopping Milk Makeup’s Kush Fiber Eyebrow Gel while it’s still discounted. Get your very own tube on sale before Sephora’s spring sale ends on April 11.

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