Fat Joe states Smith, who slapped Chris Rock, makes people think that minorities “don’t know how to act

    It’s been almost two weeks since Will Smith unexpectedly slapped Chris Rock on stage during this year’s Oscars, much to the astonishment of audiences around the world, and since then, dozens of celebrities have commented on the incident. Presented, which now includes Fat Joe . Asked about his views on the situation, Fat Joe says that while he thinks a lot about Will Smith, his actions against Chris Rock make people feel like minorities and don’t know how to act.

    @TMZ_TV caught up with Fat Joe on the street, where he was the latest celebrity, to ask for his thoughts on the slapping incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock. Asked if Will’s actions cast a negative light on minorities, Fat Joe began his remarks by first praising Will as a “beautiful person” and before stating that he felt How his actions affect people of color.

    “Unfortunately, that is what happened, but people are seeing that we do not know how to act,” he said.
    “It’s sad that Will is such a handsome man, but he was taken a hit because, you know, we’ve come a long way, and we’re telling everyone to respect us,” Had it been 50 Cent or Fat Joe, I would understand. But Will Smith? He is like the best we have. So, it’s unfortunate that what happened to [Smith], man, because he deserved it – he fought hard, worked all his life, and was a great example to us.

    As we reported earlier, the academy officially decided to punish Will Smith about two weeks later. And it was decided that he would be banned from all Oscar and Academy-related events for the next ten years.

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