Crystal Minkoff Reveals Unexpected Friendship With Sutton Stracke!

    Crystal Minkoff spoke out about her unexpected friendship with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star, Sutton Stracke, at the 30th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party on Sunday, March 27.

    The reality star spoke to Us Weekly about her relationship with her castmate, commenting—“I’m friends with everyone. I talk to Sutton a lot. We talk a lot.”

    Fans know that the RHOBH rookie had a rough start with Sutton last season after a conversation about racial stereotypes became heated. Crystal, the first Asian-American RHOBH cast member, tried to make a point about “painful” stereotypes during an episode that aired in May 2021. 

    Sutton interrupted Crystal during the tense exchange, which played out early in the season. 

    “Do you wanna talk about when I see dumbass rednecks on the TV and that’s supposed to be me?” Sutton asked. “I also have a stereotype, but I don’t want to bring it up!”

    Sutton Stracke

    Sutton, 50, publicly apologized to Crystal, 36, for shutting her down, after the episode aired. 

    “Despite Crystal and my strained relationship at the time, it was disrespectful to interrupt her and not listen to her express her truth,” Sutton wrote on Instagram at the time. “My life is blessed by the diversity of my relationships and I am committed to become a better listener to understand the painful realities experienced by people of color.”

    Crystal Kung Minkoff

    Crystal responded to Sutton’s apologetic post, writing—“Thank you, Sutton. Your apology means a lot to me, and I’m sure it means a lot to many others with similar lived experiences. Asian Americans are often expected not to share their opinions, but despite this stereotype, I believe that everyone deserves to be heard. I consciously re-wired myself to be outspoken and share my feelings whenever possible and I encourage my children to do the same.”

    Sutton later shared that the misunderstanding taught her a valuable lesson.

    “Looking back at the whole season, I had the one regret with Crystal and not listening. That was really hard to watch. But in a way now it’s not become a regret because it’s this opportunity to sort of show people, like, we all need to listen,” the Georgia native told Us in September 2021. “So, then it becomes not a regret.”

    Production for Season 12 of RHOBH is underway, and Crystal teased that fans can expect “a lot of shake-ups” when it comes to friendships within the cast. Fans will meet cast newbie, Diana Jenkins and a new “friend” of the cast, Sheree Zampino, when the Bravo series returns. 

    Kyle Richards

    “This year, everyone gets into the mix and at least for me, I felt more comfortable. When you feel more comfortable, you feel more comfortable saying what you don’t like [and] what you do,” Crystal told the outlet. “I get why as the girls have been on for a long time that they get more comfortable. There’s a lot of comfort in discomfort.”

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