Crystal Kung Minkoff on Kyle’s Absence From Kathy’s Birthday

    The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills Crystal KungMinkoff is here for all the tea, y’all. She may have been a little quiet during her debut season, but she’s here to stay judging by her latest interview.

    Speaking to Us Weekly, Crystal elaborated on why costar Kyle Richards was missing from her sister, Kathy Hilton’s, birthday party, saying that she too was invited but everyone has different “friend groups” and celebrates with each group accordingly.

    “I’m going to clarify the birthday,” Crystal said at the Kids’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California, on April 9. “I was invited to the birthday. I couldn’t go. Kyle and [Kim Richards] have a different group that they hang out with, so I think the show makes it feel like that’s [Kathy’s] crew, but, like, she had multiple birthdays. That was just [one] birthday. We all have five birthday lunches.”

    Crystal also confirmed that Kyle did, in fact, celebrate Kathy’s birthday separately and that though the sisters are reality stars they aren’t any different than non-famous siblings.

    “They’re family and they’re sisters, and there’s no way that any family could keep it perfect all the time,” Crystal told the outlet. “And when you’re on a reality show, you’re going to show the ups and downs of it. Most people get to show the ups. Social media is up, like, perfect, perfect. When I fight with my brother, I’m not posting it, right? And then when you put yourself in the situation and out there, it’s going to come out, but they love each other.”

    Crystal also went on to tease some details about the highly anticipated new season of RHOBH. Upon watching the trailer herself, Crystal said it was “crazy” watching it back, calling it “high drama”

    Speaking to E! News, Crystal said, “It’s crazy because it just happened, it feels so far away, and then it also feels like it was yesterday. It’s also interesting to see the parts that you were not there for. I mean, you don’t get to see what happens, it’s all hearsay. You talk about it, but to watch those moments that you discuss in real life, it’s wild.”

    Crystal also went on to detail that friendships have “changed” and have been “weakened” but also “strengthened.” Much of this comes as a result of Erika Jayne’s legal woes — a.k.a. storyline. (Too bad cameras stopped rolling after she threw Garcelle Beauvais‘ new book in the literal trash.)

    “I feel like what happened last year, it was very heavy about Erika. And this past few months have very much been everybody gets into it,” Crystal revealed. “Dynamics shift in friendships, and I think people see people differently this year.”

    She also elaborated on the fact that sometimes details get misconstrued and the media may take things out of context, adding that as long as she knows her “truth” she’s fine with it.

    “I always want the truth, painful or not. If I know if my truth is out there, then I can deal with that,” she said. “What’s hard is listening to the podcasts, which I know I shouldn’t. When they get it wrong, I wanna call them, like, ‘No, you got the scene wrong. You got that moment wrong.’”

    She continued by saying, “It all also doesn’t matter ‘cause it’s in the past, you experienced it,” she explained. “And it’s a show and it’s designed to be entertaining, but sometimes, it’s at the cost of, you know.”

    Buckle up, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 premieres on May 11 at 8 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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