Christine, Meri, And Janelle Brown Transform Looks As Marriages to Kody Brown Collapse!

    Christine Brown has transformed her look since walking away from Kody Brown — and it appears that Meri Brown and Janelle Brown are following suit. 

    Sister Wives fans have noticed that Christine has a new spring in her step since leaving Kody behind in Arizona to start a new life in Utah. 

    Sister Wives

    In February, Christine showed off a slimmer figure, updating fans on her weight loss progress along the way. 

    Christine captioned a recent post—“This is just to say thank you for your support! We all need support to face our challenges and I truly appreciate you.” 

    Christine Brown

    The TLC mom was recently spotted spending time with Kody’s second wife, Janelle Brown, and some of their children at Disney World. Christine, who had fun wearing Maleficent’s black horns, posted photos of her trip on Instagram earlier this month, posing alongside her daughters, Ysabel, 19, Gwen, 20, and Truley, 11. Savannah Brown, Janelle and Kody’s daughter, was also featured in some of the family pics. 

    Christine captioned the post— “Loving this vacation! Truely bought me my Maleficent ears! I’ve been wanting them for years! And they actually smiled and posed for a photo!”

    Sister Wives

    Rumors continue to circulate about the splintered Brown family, and many believe that Meri Brown and Janelle Brown are considering following in Christine’s footsteps. Meri has been throwing shade at Kody on social media, and Janelle recently confirmed that she no longer shared a home with her spiritual husband.   

    Meri’s marriage was declared on life support in 2020, but Meri decided to work on herself amid the marital collapse. Meri’s fans have been cheering on her on as she reinvents herself as an independent woman. 

    One fan wrote—“Meri You just look like you are living your best life. Happy, radiant and glowing. Whatever you are doing keep doing you! BTW this dress looks amazing on you.”  

    Meri Brown

    Another follower said—“Good on you Meri, looking so pretty and most of all happy!!!!”

    Meri revealed that she had made exercise a part of her day, last week.

    Meri captioned a selfie—“Early workout done, ready for my day! Gonna get this Friday hustle on!”

    She posted a quote that said—“A strong woman looks a challenge in the eye and gives it a wink.”

    Meri recently cut her hair and upped her makeup game amid rumors that she’s preparing to walk away from her marriage.  

    Sister Wives

    Janelle has been making changes as well and recently shared that she finally feels comfortable in a bathing suit amid her own personal health journey. 

    “For years I made excuses about going anywhere that required swimsuit,” Janelle captioned a beach selfie. 

    “All of my insecurities… As I became more accepting of my wonderful body and all the things it could do I became more confident,” she wrote. “I’m a work in progress for sure but I missed out on so much fun through the years. No more! So here is my yearly post about how to go to the beach. Put on your suit and go.”

    Janelle Brown

    Robyn Brown, who appears to be Kody’s one and only, is the only wife who seemingly shares a functional marriage with the TLC personality. 

    Sister Wives is on hiatus.

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