Chris Brown Has Fans Freaking Out That He Has Another Kid!

    Chris Brown is freaking out after a video featuring himself and a child is flaunted on the Internet. Check out the clip below.

    The Shade Room notes ‘Aww! Baby girl is all smiles watching #ChrisBrown on that tv! : @gettyimages ).’ Someone said: ‘That’s how I used to be seeing him on tv.’

    A commenter posted this: ‘Thought y’all was finna say this his new baby,’ and a commenter said: ‘Yall In These Comments Talking Bout His Twin … When That’s Not His Child In The Video.’

    A fan said: ‘WAIT!! How many kids he got?!? It was just like yesterday he was runnin it with juelz santana,’ and a commenter posted this: ‘For those of who are confused, that is not his daughter. The baby is a random baby that is just laughing and dancing to his and DaniLeigh song . Super cute tho.’

    Someone else said: ‘I was bout to say “who’s baby is that!?” Idk y I assumed he randomly had another 😂
    IM GOOD NOW do not correct me.’

    One follower posted this: ‘Why is it that men have all these different baby mamas and no one complains but they complain when a women has different baby daddy’s. This is why I’m determined to stay with only 1 person and only have kids with them.’

    It’s been just revealed that  Chris Brown   shared a voice note of the woman who accused him of rape. Check out the latest reports about this disturbing subject.

    The Shade Room notes that Chris is speaking out after a woman hit him with a $20 million lawsuit alleging he raped her at a party back in 2020.

    ‘As we previously reported, the woman filed the suit against Chris claiming he forced himself on her on a yacht in Miami, and allegedly forced her to take a plan b pill,’ TSR said.

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