Business of the Week: Elizabeth’s Pizza

    Elizabeth’s Pizza is one of the most popular and successful restaurants in the region and for good reason. The key to Elizabeth’s success is that they decide to focus on more than just making delicious food. They have become a star of the local community and create a space that can bring family, community and food together. Henni, Elizabeth’s owner, has taken every step possible to center his customer’s happiness.


    Elizabeth's City - Amazing Italian Food and More!
    Wonderful Italian food mixed with a warm environment located in Siler City, North Carolina.

    Elizabeth’s has been operating in Chatham County for 15 years and experienced great success at both of their locations. An impressive point is the popularity the restaurants have experienced on social media. Thousands of people have decided to go out of their way to follow the restaurant and keep up with the happenings.

    The restaurants have brought together the community for years, offering a space for families, teams, coworkers, and more to meet together over food and drink. The food is spectacular and offers the diner the opportunity to make changes as they desire. Speaking with manager, CiCi, we learned what makes Elizabeth’s the great success that it is, “We feel like we have a personal relationship with our customers, even through the pandemic we feel like our customers have stood by us.” CiCi went on to discuss the passion that Henni has in making sure his customers are satisfied, “He goes over and beyond for every customer, he likes to see his customers happy.” Surely the owner and staffs love for their customers is what has made this restaurant the success it is. The food clearly shows the love they have for good food and their customers, it is delicious.

    One of our personal favorites is the chicken alfredo: add extra broccoli and make the chicken fried, it is one in a million and delicious. There are plenty of other offerings such as delicious ravioli, pasta and Greek dishes. The subs and wraps are not to be ignored either, they are delicious and packed full of ingredients. No matter what food you desire or the occasion to which you are meeting with friends, family or colleagues, Elizabeth’s is one of the best options in the area. There is a special place for this restaurant in the hearts of those in Chatham county and we implore you to try it as soon as possible.

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