Ben And Mahogany Back Together PLUS Much More!

    Ben Rathbun and Mahogany Roca landed in the hot seat in Sunday’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days Tell-All special. The couple revealed that they had reconciled during Part 2 of the post-season series after viewers watched them break up in the finale episode. Mahogany, 22, ditched Ben, 52, after being confronted by her own lies, but Ben revealed that he went back to Peru and successfully salvaged the relationship. 

    Ben Rathbun

    Ben and Mahogany took hits from their castmates during the Tell-All, with Kim naming their relationship as “the worst” of the bunch. The group shared their disbelief over Ben traveling all the way to Peru despite Mahogany’s refusal to video chat. They also blasted Mahogany for leaving Ben stranded at the airport upon his arrival. Mahogany explained that she did tell him not to come via a call and a text, but Ben insisted that he was coming and was  “going to find” her anyway. She also defended lying about her age, calling the fib an effort to guard her real identity amid a murky online relationship.  

    Ben’s friend Jessica called out Mahogany for asking Ben for a loan of $1000, but Ben confirmed that he had no regrets after giving her the cash. 

    “To me it was worth all the time, which was hours and hours of texting and feeling like for the first time — I think in my life to be honest — something that felt like love,” he said. “Even if it wasn’t real, for the first two or three months we spent together, completely worth the money. … As dumb as it sounds, I was all in.” 

    Mahogany Roca

    Mahogany, who originally presented herself to Ben via heavily filtered photos, said that she resisted video chatting because Ben called the potential conversation “a date.” The cast cringed when she said that she didn’t want to have a date with “an old man.”

    “I was like 21 years old,” Mahogany explained. “I don’t want to have a date, like, with an old man like that because my English, as you can see, is not good.”

    Mahogany Roca

    The Tell-All featured footage of Ben’s return to Peru post-breakup. Mahogany initially ignored Ben’s pursuit but the duo eventually reconciled. Kim commented that Mahogany was “running a game” on the TLC bachelor and Jasmine labeled Ben a “pervert.”

    “She let you know before you arrived to Peru that she was no longer interested, and you kind of chasing her and knowing she’s so young, I don’t know but it gives me, like, pervert vibes, I’m sorry,” Jasmine said, amid her co-stars’ nervous laughter.

    Mahogany revealed that she initially ghosted Ben because he had promised that no cameras would be involved in his return to Peru. Mahogany also told Ben’s friend, Jessica, that the fitness model “loves drama.” In a surprising twist, Jessica shifted gears and apologized to Mahogany, after learning that Ben had dissed her behind her back after coming to her for advice. Ben called Jessica “dramatic,” but admitted that he did seek out her counsel. 

    Ben, you are fake,” Jessica told him. “I’m dramatic, and you are a narcissist, and you’re delusional. … You’re thirsty as all hell, you’re a liar and a sh** friend and that’s the truth.”

    Mahogany expressed her ongoing hesitancy in going forward in the relationship and Ben defended her feelings, calling their dicey romance a “young relationship.”

    “It takes trust,” he said. “There’s just no replacement for trust. And there’s no replacement for time. .. So, it’s gonna take a while.”

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