Bandman Kevo reveals he had an affair with YouTuber Kayla Nicole and paid her to support his wife |

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    Rapper Bandman Kevo claims he had an affair with YouTube influencer Kayla Nicole Jones, who is suing producer Polow Da Don for breach of contract.

    Kevo, 32, admits he took advantage of the much younger YouTuber to help his wife, Dyme, blow up on social media.

    Young people are different in these Instagram streets today. They use sex to barter for clout on social media – with the full approval of their significant others.

    It’s difficult for the older generation to understand how young people slide between the sheets just for social media clout.

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    Kayla Nicole has over 5 million followers on her YouTube channel, so Kevo contacted her, and she allegedly flirted with him because he was “cute.”

    Kevo claims Kayla invited him over for sex on the first date.

    Did I mention Kevo is a married man?

    In an in-depth interview with Say Cheese on YouTube, the hip-hop star admitted he paid 20-year-old Kayla Nicole and had sex with her out of a sense of duty to help his wife increase her follow count.

    “I was having sex with [Kayla] and giving her money… That is not my type of girl,” Kevo said. “If it’s gonna open up a door, I’m willing to do that… This can probably help out Dyme because [Kayla is] big [on social media],” he said.

    Kevo asked Kayla to shout out his wife, Dyme, on her sizable YouTube platform. Eventually, Kayla and Dyme became friends and began hanging out.

    But Kevo noticed that his wife’s social media presence was not increasing.

    “I said, Dyme, do you notice that y’all been talking every single day… you ain’t got on her channel yet and she barely posts you,” he asked his wife.

    Kevo then accused Kayla of a fatal attraction attempt to break up his marriage to Dyme.

    Kevo claims the police were called after Kayla tried to attempt suicide by jumping off a 42nd floor balcony.

    Listen to the wild allegations below. This is more proof that men gossip more than females.



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