Andy Cohen Talks ‘RHOC’ Kid Becoming A Real Housewife!

    RHOC’s Laura Peterson’s daughter, Ashley Zarlin, was behind the bar on Watch What Happens Live and shared a few updates with fans.  

    Ashley Zarin

    During the April 11 episode of WWHL, Ashley Zarlin appeared as the guest bartender. The eldest daughter of Real Housewives of Orange County cast member, Laura, expressed her desire to join the cast one day. Andy Cohen gave Zarlin a grand introduction as one of the Real Housewives kids who paved the way. “Now, when The Real Housewives of Orange County started airing in 2006, before there was Gia, before there was Avery, before there was Kairo, one of the OG Real Housekids was already paving the way!”

    Ashley Zarlin

    Ashley Zarlin

    The show even played clips of Zarlin’s time on the Bravo reality show from the time she moved to live with her mother. Cohen welcomed her, “It’s good to see you. You paved the way Ashley.” Zarlin replied she is doing well and so is her mother. Laura is married to successful real estate developer, George Peterson. Laura was a full-time cast member on RHOC for the first four seasons and helped the show become what it is today. “She’s so happy!” To which Andy gushed, “Please send her all my love. I love me some Laura Waring Peterson!”

    Ashley Zarlin

    Ashley also spoke of how proud she is of The Real Housewives of Orange County. During the WWHL After Show, the RHOC kid reflected how she couldn’t believe it was the show’s 16th anniversary. “It’s the first franchise, we started it all. It is so crazy to see how big it has gotten. So I love to see it!” Zarlin also took the chance to express how she would love to join the future RHOC cast. “I’m still waiting for the opportunity to be the first legacy Housewife, Andy. I mean Kara and I would be amazing together.” 

    Ashley Zarlin

    In an Instagram post with Andy, she wrote, “@Andy said manifestations are known to come true in the clubhouse. First legacy housewife coming your way…I mean it’s in my blood! @laurapeterson. #LFG.” RHOC fans responded in Ashley’s comment section, “You need to be on OC housewives, bring back the old with the new generation.” Another person said, “OMG please make this happen. It would be legendary.” “OMG Stop! Been waiting for this day! Can’t wait to freaking watch you!” said another fan. If The Real Housewives of Orange County producers agree, Ashley might get her wish to join the show’s cast. 

    Ashley Zarlin

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