’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Jasmine Pineda Reveals K-1 Visa Pre-Approved!

    90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star, Jasmine Pineda, appears to be America bound. Her fiancé, Gino Palazzolo, revealed that he had submitted the K-1 visa paperwork during the Tell-All special, which was filmed in January. 

    TLC followed Gino, an automotive designer from Michigan, as he traveled to Panama to meet Jasmine face-to-face, after connecting with the beauty online. Their romance hit a major bump when Jasmine discovered that Gino had sent privately shared topless photos to his ex, but the duo ended their time together with a proposal. 

    Jasmine took to Instagram to answer fan questions on April 12, and shared that her K-1 visa had been “pre-approved,” which will likely allow a move to the United States in the near future. Jasmine also announced that she planned to live with Gino in Tampa, Florida, instead of in Michigan. 

    “According to Gino, it’s more alike to [Panama flag emoji] than Michigan is. He knows I hate cold weather. I’m a summer girl,” Jasmine said, during the Q&A session.

    Fans also wanted to know if Jasmine, a literary instructor, would continue her teaching career in the states. 

    “Being a teacher in the USA is not an easy job. I’m gonna start taking classes to become a real estate agent,” the TLC personality replied. “I will love to do that in the USA (it’s not an easy job either but I’m so into it) I’m also tired of the stigma of being a teacher and looking a certain way.”

    Jasmine is determined to bring her two kids from a previous relationship to America, but also plans to start a family with Gino as soon as possible.

    “Once I’m in the [U.S. flag emoji] we will start making babies,” the Panama native declared.

    One 90 Day viewer asked—“Do you and Gino plan on returning to 90 days?”

    “Hopefully yes,” Jasmine responded.  

    Jasmine Pineda

    Fans put Jasmine on blast on social media as the Tell-All played out, after she revealed that she was not willing to sign a prenuptial agreement. 

    “No, he never mentioned it to me and I’m not gonna marry [him] if there’s a prenup,” Jasmine said during the cast sit-down. “And he better make it work because if I’m in the United States and we get married, and he screwed it up, I’m gonna kick him out of the house and I want to stay with everything.”

    Jasmine took to her Instagram Stories earlier this month to declare that if money was her motive she would go for someone “filthy rich.”

    “There are 2 reasons why people get married: love or money,” Jasmine wrote. “If you’re gonna get married for money, marry someone who is filthy rich. Like unlimited budget.”

    She also addressed fans who called her out for taking rent money from Gino. 

    “What a joke people saying it’s for money because of someone who paid one month of rent. But I appreciate the gesture,” she said. 

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