10 ways to make extra money

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    With the cost of living rising, we want to share with you 10 ways to make extra money. From house-sitting to making and selling NFTs, this article will cover it all. So keep reading for 10 ways to make extra money.

    House sitting

    Looking for a little weekend side hustle? Maybe the chance to visit somewhere new? Why not try your hand at house sitting – with the bonus of pets to look after. Trusted Housesitters is a great service for this. Just sign up on their website, complete the verifications and get applying for jobs across the globe.


    Buy to Sell

    Buy to sell is a simple concept. You buy items to sell for a profit. There are lots of ways to do this, for example, Yes I Want It and MenKind are great places to buy items from when they’re on sale. You can then sell them to others via eBay or Facebook marketplace. You can also check out our article on flipping pallets for more information.


    Cash in your gadgets

    Sell on your old laptops and computers and gain some of your expenditure back! Cash In Your Gadgets will even arrange a free pick-up slot for you. All you have to do is tell them the serial number and its condition and they’ll give you a quote. Even if your device has been through it, if it turns on you can still get some money.

    Homemade Gift Hamper


    If you’re crafty and like to create, why not try your hand at making and selling hampers? From chocolate to stationary the options are endless. Check out Paperchase for stationary to add to your hampers as well as supplies to make them.


    Make Money Busking

    Are you a musician looking to make a little extra? Maybe you should give busking a try. Whilst income from busking can vary, it could still add a few extra pounds to your pocket. Read the full article here.


    Make Money Selling Photos of Yourself

    Most people love a good selfie photoshoot, so why not put those images to good use? Selling your photos can be a lucrative way of earning money on the side, especially when you sell them as stock images. For a full run down read the article here.

    personalised mugs

    Make Money Selling Personalised Items

    Have always dreamt of having a side hustle? Well, this could be the one for you. This article tells you all about what you can personalise, where to sell and even includes a personal success story.


    Make Money as a Film and TV Extra

    If you’re looking for a flexible source of income why not try getting work as an extra. You don’t have to have any training to be an extra just some good pictures to send to an agency. Read this article if you want to know if you’ve got what it takes to be a TV extra.

    Make Money with an NFT

    NFTs are big on the internet – and for good reason, they can reel in a lot of money. If you have the time, you can even create your own to sell to those looking for digital art. Check out our how-to guide here to make some extra money.


    Make Money Buying and Selling Lego

    Lego – some people see it as a children’s toy, others an investment but most people tend to have some in their attic. This article will talk you through the ins and outs of Lego collecting and most importantly selling. Those bricks could soon stack up into serious cash.

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